Gloucestershire Archery Society was formed to support all archery clubs in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol.

Junior Girls County Ranking

RecurveCompound | Barebow | Longbow
ArcherClubAverage HandicapClass- ifcationRanking
Molly Peters U16Deer Park Junior Archers36JMB1
Anna PerkinsCleve Junior Archers45JMB2
Esme CaieCleve Junior Archers472nd3
Ella ShieldCleve Junior Archers49JMB4
Aimee BrakeCleve Junior Archers543rd5
Evie HardyCleve Junior Archers55JB6
Jessica DaleCleve Junior Archers561st7
Kathryn HarrisonCleve Junior Archers58UC8
Lexie LeonardCleve Junior Archers632nd9
Maja KliczkaCleve Junior Archers66JB10
Evie Collingbourne U16Bristol Bowmen72UC11
Tallulah KellyCleve Junior Archers73UC12
Erin Collingbourne U12 Bristol Bowmen741st13
Libby HarrisCleve Junior Archers79UC14
Lucy KendallCleve Junior Archers80UC15
Compound RankingRecurve | Barebow | Longbow
ArcherClubAverage HandicapClass- ifcationRanking
Lucy Mason U18Deer Park Junior Archers5JMB1
Ella Gibson U18Deer Park Junior Archers12JMB2
Holly Clifford U16Deer Park Junior Archers17JMB3
Grace Chappell U16Deer Park Junior Archers17JMB4
Chloe A'Bear U14Deer Park Junior Archers23JMB5
Jasmin Williams Cleve Junior Archers28JMB6
Sophia BoultonCleve Junior Archers35JB7
Rosemary Preece U14Deer Park Junior Archers40JMB8
Barebow RankingCompound | Recurve | Longbow
ArcherClubAverage HandicapClass- ifcationRanking
Imogen Colenutt U16Deer Park Junior Archers59JMB1
Emily Summers U12Deer Park Junior Archers74JB2
Erin Collingbourne U12 Bristol Bowmen75JB3
Gabby Lott Cleve Junior Archers75ARCHER4
Tallulah KellyCleve Junior Archers782nd5
Longbow RankingCompound | Barebow | Recurve
ArcherClubAverage HandicapClass- ifcationRanking
lucy mason
phoebe pine