Gloucestershire Archery Society was formed to support all archery clubs in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol.

Disability Information

Learn all about how to make your approach to coaching more inclusive.

With disabled people accounting for around 20% of the population it is likely that at sometime you will be coaching a disabled person, whether they choose to make you aware of this fact or not. Alternatively you may wish to, or already be, coaching disabled people in a disability sport. Whatever your approach to coaching is you will need an understanding of how to differentiate your coaching to ensure people of all abilities are reaching their true potential and achieving their personal goals.

This section will provide you with guidance and appropriate links to other information and services to support the development of your knowledge around coaching disabled people. Overcome your fear of not being able to provide appropriate support and open your coaching up to an incredibly rewarding experience that will push your coaching abilities just that bit further!

The British Wheelchair Archery Association is here to help promote the sport of para-archery and assists with all aspects of the sport from grassroots information to elite level training.

ParalympicsGB Sports Over the course of the last three Paralympic Games, Archery has proved to be a sport in which Britain excel.  Whether you are already taking part, or just looking to have a go at something new, we have lots of initiatives to help you to get the best out of Paralympic and disability sport.

Archery GB A new guide has been developed to offer support to ensure people with disabilities can participate in archery at all levels. Disabled people are half as likely to be active than non-disabled people. The guide aims to highlight good practice that is currently taking place within the sport.

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