Gloucestershire Archery Society was formed to support all archery clubs in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol.

Gentleman Barebow Records

YorkJ. Dalton74916/08/2015Deer Park
Double YorkK. Sutherland134527/06/2013Deer Park
HerefordJ. Dalton97506/09/2015Deer Park
St GeorgeT. Bailey62016/07/2006Churn Valley
AlbionJ. Dalton71626/06/2016Deer Park
WindsorT. Bailey83607/10/2007Churn Valley
New WesternG. Avery31612/10/2011Bristol Bowmen
Long WesternJ. Dalton57727/06/2015Deer Park
Western (Two Way)K. Sutherland64708/09/2013Deer Park
WesternT. Bailey71225/07/2004Churn Valley
AmericanT. Bailey59304/05/1998Churn Valley
New NationalT. Bailey32710/09/2006Churn Valley
Long NationalT. Bailey43120/08/1998Churn Valley
NationalJ. Dalton52417/04/2017Deer Park
Double NationalT. Bailey103709/09/2007Churn Valley
New WarwickT. Bailey25216/09/1999Churn Valley
Long WarwickT. Bailey32916/09/1999Churn Valley
WarwickT. Bailey35812/08/2004Churn Valley
FITAJ. Dalton
947 20/08/2017Deer Park
Double FITAK. Sutherland171211/08/2013Deer Park
FITA 90m distanceG. Avery22718/01/2012Bristol Bowmen
FITA 70m distanceJ. Dalton25304/06/2016Deer Park
FITA 60m distanceD. Smith20201/12/2013Golden Phoenix A.
FITA 50m distanceJ. Dalton246
20/08/2017Deer Park
FITA 50m distance 122cm faceD. Smith13617/08/2016Golden Phoenix A.
FITA 30m distanceJ. Dalton306
20/08/2017Deer Park
FITA 30m distance 122cm faceD. Smith9917/08/2016Golden Phoenix A.
FITA 720J. Dalton49904/06/2016Deer Park
Double FITA 720K. Sutherland83611/05/2014Deer Park
FITA 50m 80cmface 6dozJ. Dalton46029/05/2016Deer Park
WA Standard Round 122cmD. Smith41317/08/2016Golden Phoenix A.
Long MetricK. Sutherland38311/08/2013Deer Park
Short MetricT. Bailey53720/05/2007Churn Valley
Clout 180yds OWA. Perkins3722/09/2013Cleve A.
Double Clout 180yds OWR. Perry10707/09/2014Tockington A.
Clout Metric 165m OWK. Sutherland8821/03/2015Deer Park
Double Clout 180yds 2WR. Perry13120/06/2013Tockington A.
Double Clout 180yds OWA. Perkins7602/03/2013Cleve A.
Double Clout 140ydsS. Cook2823/09/2012Tyndale A.
Double Metric Clout 165m OWK. Sutherland20721/03/2015Deer Park
Bray 1T. Bailey28230/03/1998Churn Valley
Double Bray 1J. Dalton511
24/02/2019Deer Park
Bray 2T. Bailey25530/03/1998Churn Valley
FITA 18mJ. Dalton503
04/02/2018Deer Park
FITA 18m (triple face)K. Sutherland47222/03/2015Deer Park
Double FITA 18m (triple face)K. Sutherland94422/03/2015Deer Park
FITA 25mJ. Dalton48517/01/2016Deer Park
Combined FITAJ. Dalton96917/01/2016Deer Park
PortsmouthT. Bailey55031/01/2008Churn Valley
Double PortsmouthJ. Dalton1067
10/03/2019Deer Park
StaffordT. Bailey61821/10/2007Churn Valley
WorcesterJ. Dalton
267 30/10/2016 Deer Park
Double WorcesterJ. Dalton 502 30/10/2016 Deer Park
30/10/2016 Deer Park
VegasJ. Dalton44414/02/2016Deer Park
Short GloucesterT. Bailey32919/02/1998Churn Valley
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