Gloucestershire Archery Society was formed to support all archery clubs in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol.

Gentleman Compound Records

YorkG. Bunce1274August 10, 2003Cleve A.
Double YorkK. Webb2429June 22, 2014Cheltenham Archers
HerefordK. Webb1266August 11, 2013Cheltenham Archers
Double HerefordR. Gruar2420June 23, 2002Deer Park
St GeorgeG. Bunce940September 17, 2000Cleve A.
AlbionG. Bunce962September 7, 2004Cleve A.
WindsorC. Jones968September 10, 2015Cleve A.
New WesternC. Jones802December 14, 2014Cleve A.
Long WesternJ. Brain754May 12, 1998Fast & Loose
WesternG. Bunce860June 22, 2001Cleve A.
AmericanC. Jones810October 7, 2015Cleve A.
New NationalK. Webb622August 16, 2013Cheltenham Archers
Long NationalJ. Bunce648July 26, 2012Cleve A.
NationalT. Reeves646August 27, 2013Tockington
New WarwickT. Reeves410May 16, 2014Tockington
Long WarwickT. Reeves422April 25, 2014Tockington
WarwickG. Bunce428May 1, 2000Cleve A.
FITAM. Arnold1402July 19, 2015Cleve A.
FITA (inner 10)A.J. Smith1279September 11, 1994B. of the Deans
FITA 50m roundA. Shaw702September 24, 2016Cleve A.
Double FITAA. Shaw2762September 4, 2016Cleve A.
Double FITA (inner 10)K. Phelps2540August 3, 1997B. of the Deans
Double FITA 50m roundA. Shaw1397September 24, 2016Cleve A.
Ladies FITAC. Jones1338November 23, 2014Cleve A.
FITA 720A. Shaw698July 18, 2009Cleve A.
Double FITA 720A. Shaw1376August 6, 2006Cleve A.
FITA Standard RoundC. Dennis704June 28, 2013Cleve A.
FITA 900C. Dennis866January 20, 2013Cleve A.
FITA 90m distanceM. Arnold341July 20, 2014Cleve A.
FITA 70m distanceM. Arnold351July 19, 2015Cleve A.
FITA 60m distanceJ. Howse345July 20, 2014Deer Park Juniors
FITA 50m distanceA. Shaw354July 24, 2011Cleve A.
FITA 30m distanceM. Arnold360July 20, 2014Cleve A.
FITA 18 arrow passA. Shaw172June 5, 2004Cleve A.
FITA 12 arrow passA. Shaw118June 9, 2007Cleve A.
Indiv Olympic Rnd FinalA. Shaw347May 20, 2007Cleve A.
FITA 50m match play (15arrows)A. Shaw148June 1, 2014Cleve A.
Long MetricA. Shaw689July 24, 2011Cleve A.
Long Metric 1C. Jones663December 29, 2013Cleve A.
Short MetricA. Shaw712July 24, 2011Cleve A.
Single CloutK. Webb61September 11, 2011Cheltenham Archers
Double CloutK. Webb197June 17, 2010Cheltenham Archers
INDOORJanuary 1, 1970
Bray 1J. Bunce285November 23, 2008Cleve Juniors
Bray 1 (inner 10)M. Arnold294November 14, 2014Cleve A
Double Bray 1 (inner 10)C. Tombe575February 6, 2015Cleve A.
Bray 2 C. Hacker268November 10, 1996Kingswood Foresters
Bray 2 (inner 10)M. Arnold294December 20, 2013Cleve A.
Double Bray 2 (inner 10)M. Arnold591December 20, 2013Cleve A.
FITA 18mA. Shaw588March 19, 2006Cleve A.
FITA 18m (inner 10)M. Arnold589December 8, 2013Cleve A.
FITA 18m (triple face)A. Shaw592November 27, 2016Cleve A.
Double FITA 18mA. Shaw 1178January 8, 2017Cleve A.
FITA 25mM. Doust569January 23, 1994Cavalier
FITA 25m (inner 10)J. Bunce576February 22, 2013Cleve A
FITA 25m (triple face)A. Shaw585January 15, 2017Cleve A.
Combined FITAA. Shaw1175January 15, 2017Cleve A.
StaffordJ. Howse697March 22, 2017Deer Park
Stafford (inner 10)C. Tombe671November 13, 2013Fast & Loose
PortsmouthR. Norman593November 20, 1994Tockington
Portsmouth (inner 10)G. Bunce594October 31, 1997Cleve A.
Portsmouth (triple face)M. Arnold594November 7, 2014Cleve A.
Double PortsmouthA. Shaw1183November 6, 2016Cleve A.
WorcesterM. Arnold300November 11, 2011Cleve A.
Worcester (inner 10)J. Bunce300February 24, 2012Cleve A.
Double WorcesterD. Holcombe598November 16, 1997Cheltenham
VegasM. Arnold599December 5, 2014Cleve A.
Short GloucesterM. Doust360August 25, 1992Cavalier
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