Gloucestershire Archery Society was formed to support all archery clubs in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol.

Gentleman Longbow Records

YorkA. Palmer43928/07/2014Cleve A.
Double YorkI. Pearce68921/06/2009Deer Park
HerefordA. Stockwell57804/06/2017Deer Park
St GeorgeJ. Rigby26219/06/2001Cleve
AlbionR. Jennings56108/08/2010B of the Deans
WindsorA. Palmer58024/06/2012Cleve
AmericanA. Palmer54125/07/2014Cleve A.
New WesternA. Palmer20604/06/2012Cleve
Long WesternR. Crang32827/06/2015Deer Park
Two Way WesternR. Jennings54518/06/2010B of the Deans
WesternA. Palmer53307/10/2012Cleve
New NationalA. Palmer17704/05/2015Cleve
Long NationalA.Palmer24826/07/2012Cleve
NationalA. Palmer38912/09/2012Cleve
New WarwickK. Sutherland6719/04/2015Deer Park
Long WarwickR. Crang14025/05/2015Deer Park
WarwickJ. Linari-Linholm23911/07/2001Cheltenham
FITAI. Pearce60513/07/2008Black and Gold
Double FITAM. Hutchings105011/08/2013Deer Park
FITA 720T. Allan
303 07/07/2019 Cheltenham
FITA 900A. Palmer49627/05/2011Cleve
FITA 90m distanceD. Ponton9831/08/2016Deer Park
FITA 70m distanceI. Pearce16912/07/2009Deer Park
FITA 50m distanceI. Pearce17213/07/2008Black and Gold
FITA 30m distanceR. Jennings27226/09/2010B of the Deans
FITA 12 arrow passI. Pearce4218/07/2009Deer Park
Long MetricG. Peters231
16/09/2018 Deer Park
Short Metric 1R. Crang27523/08/2015Deer Park
Single Clout (180yds) OWK. Sutherland6222/05/2016Deer Park
Double Clout (180yds) OWK. Sutherland10811/09/2016Cheltenham
Single Clout (180yds) 2WK. Sutherland5701/11/2015Deer Park
Double Clout (180yds) 2WK. Sutherland7927/08/2016Cheltenham
Clout Metric 165m OWK. Sutherland12222/07/2017Cheltenham
Double Clout Metric 165m OWK. Sutherland23723/07/2017Cheltenham
Clout Metric 185m OWK. Sutherland8522/07/2017Cheltenham
Double Clout Metric 185m OWK. Sutherland12623/07/2017Cheltenham
Single Clout (140yds) OWK. Sutherland6707/08/2016Cheltenham
Double Clout (140yds) OWK. Sutherland13207/08/2016Cheltenham
Bray 1M. Hutchings18723/03/2014Deer Park
Double Bray 1K. Sutherland34823/03/2014Deer Park
Bray 2A. Rawle20326/02/2016Cleve A.
Double Bray 2A. Rawle34628/03/2014Cleve A.
FITA 18mD. Ponton38618/01/2015Deer Park
FITA 25mJ. Craigie39525/03/2012Deer Park
PortsmouthD. Ponton47728/01/2015Deer Park
Double PortsmouthS. Ball86011/03/2012Deer Park
StaffordD. Ponton48522/03/2017Deer Park
Short GloucesterG. Reed23721/01/2006Cleve Juniors
VegasD. Ponton28828/12/2014Deer Park
WorcesterD. Ponton21009/11/2014Deer Park
Double WorcesterD. Ponton40309/11/2014Deer Park
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