Gloucestershire Archery Society was formed to support all archery clubs in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol.

Ladies Barebow Records

YorkS. Brown
190 05/05/2018Keynsham A.
HerefordE. Gibson79614/08/2016Deer Park Juniors
AlbionM. Doust40708/07/1995Cleve A.
WindsorA. Phelps56315/09/1996B. of the Deans
New WesternS. Brown5625/08/2017Bristol Bowmen
Western (2way)A. Phelps47913/10/1996B. of the Deans
Short Western J. Hunter 626
14/04/2019 Cleve A.
AmericanA. Linari-Linholm13110/05/1998Cheltenham A.
New NationalS. McCullagh13219/10/2012Golden Phoenix A.
Long NationalF. Hawker 348
29/05/2018 Cleve A.
National F. Hawker 456
26/07/2019 Cleve A.
Long WarwickF. Hawker
178 07/04/2018 Cleve A.
WarwickJ. Hunter 258
23/05/2019 Cleve A.
FITA 720F. Hawker
353 18/05/2019 Cleve A.
Double FITA 720 F. Hawker 526 21/04/2018
Cleve A.
WA 1440 (Ladies) E. Gibson 853 25/09/2016
Deer Park Juniors
FITA 60m 122cm 6 dozenM. Carey32219/06/2013Bristol Bowmen
FITA 50m 80cm 6 dozenS. McCullagh17924/10/2012Golden Phoenix A.
FITA 70m distanceM. Carey9206/05/2012Bristol Bowmen
FITA 60m distanceE. Gibson19902/07/2016Deer Park Juniors
FITA 50m distanceE. Gibson21302/07/2016Deer Park Juniors
FITA 50m distance 122cmS. McCullagh12724/08/2016Golden Phoenix A.
FITA 30m distance 122cmS. McCullagh23024/08/2016Golden Phoenix A.
WA Standard Round 122cmS. McCullagh35724/08/2016Golden Phoenix A.
Long Metric (Ladies) F. Hawker 383 21/06/2018
Cleve A.
Short Metric 1 F. Hawker
460 26/06/2018 Cleve A.
Double Clout 140yds OWR. Tully8010/09/2017Tyndale A.
Bray 1R. Lucas25322/03/2015Deer Park Juniors
Double Bray 1R. Lucas48022/03/2015Deer Park Juniors
Bray 2F. Hawker 231
10/11/2017 Cleve A.
FITA 18mR. Lucas48805/12/2015Deer Park Juniors
FITA 18m (triple face)R. Lucas44604/02/2015Deer Park Juniors
FITA 25mF. Hawker 416 08/12/2017 Cleve A.
PortsmouthR. Lucas53201/01/2015Deer Park Juniors
Portsmouth (triple face)R. Lucas49624/01/2015Deer Park Juniors
StaffordR. McKay47322/03/2017Deer Park
WorcesterR. Lucas23209/11/2014Deer Park Juniors
Double WorcesterR. Lucas46309/11/2014Deer Park Juniors
VegasR. Lucas45401/02/2015Deer Park Juniors
Short GloucesterM. Doust32626/05/1992Cleve A.
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