Gloucestershire Archery Society was formed to support all archery clubs in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol.

Ladies Compound Records

YorkS. Crang115617/08/2008Deer Park
Double YorkF. Hawker205520/06/2004Cleve A.
HerefordS. Crang125012/08/2007Deer Park
Double HerefordS. Crang249612/08/2007Deer Park
AlbionF. Hawker94607/08/2003Cleve A.
WindsorS. Crang92602/10/2005Deer Park
Long WesternF. Hawker81812/04/2004Cleve A.
WesternL. Mason85427/06/2015Deer Park Juniors
Short WesternS. Boulton78215/09/2018Cleve Junior A.
AmericanM. Braine76210/07/1998Fast & Loose
New NationalT. Bridges54822/05/2005Cleve A.
Long NationalF. Hawker58602/07/2003Cleve A.
NationalA. Bannister64214/09/2019Cheltenham A
Short NationalR. Wakley59217/04/2017Cheltenham A
New WarwickF. Hawker26821/08/1999Cleve A.
Long WarwickF. Hawker41007/05/2003Cleve A.
WarwickF. Hawker42411/07/2003Cleve A.
FITAL. Mason128830/06/2019Deer Park A.
Ladies FITAE.Gibson140602/06/2019Deer Park A.
Ladies FITA inner 10)K. Bent127112/07/1997B. of the Deans
Double Ladies FITAS. Crang272327/07/2008Deer Park
Double Ladies FITA (inner 10)K. Bent249913/07/1997B. of the Deans
FITA 720S. Crang66606/08/2006Deer Park
Double FITA 720S. Crang132806/08/2006Deer Park
FITA 60m 122cm 6 dozenS. Search56216/02/2014Cleve A
FITA WA 50mE. Gibson70514/09/2019Deer Park A.
Double FITA WA 50mE. Gibson140614/09/2019Deer Park A.
FITA 50m match play (15arrow)L. Mason14713/08/2016Deer Park Juniors
FITA 90m distanceF. Hawker29709/09/2007Cleve A.
FITA 70m distanceT. Bridges34116/04/2011Cleve A.
FITA 60m distanceS. Crang35028/09/2008Deer Park
FITA 50m distanceS. Crang34127/07/2008Deer Park
FITA 30m distanceS. Crang35927/07/2008Deer Park
FITA 18 arrow passS. Crang16419/03/2006Deer Park
FITA 12 arrow passS. Crang11315/07/2008Deer Park
Indiv Olympic Rnd FinalS. Crang33727/06/2009Deer Park
Long MetricF. Hawker61104/07/2003Cleve A.
Long Metric (Ladies)S. Crang68428/09/2008Deer Park
Short MetricS. Crang70027/07/2008Deer Park
Single CloutF. Hawker5529/09/1999Cleve A.
Double CloutF. Hawker11929/09/1999Cleve A.
Bray 1P. Pine28222/03/2015Deer Park Juniors
Double Bray 1P. Pine56122/03/2015Deer Park Juniors
Bray 2S. Boulton27411/11/2017Cleve Junior A.
Bray 1 (inner 10)T. Bridges28114/11/2014Cleve A
Bray 2 (inner 10)T. Bridges28116/03/2012Cleve A
FITA 18m (triple face)L. Mason58918/01/2019Deer Park
FITA 18mS. Crang57711/02/2007Deer Park
FITA 18m (inner 10)K. Bent54611/02/1996B. of the Deans
FITA 18m 12 arrow passS. Crang11504/02/2007Deer Park
FITA 18m 15 arrow passL. Mason14606/12/2015Deer Park Juniors
FITA 25mK. Bent57217/01/1993B of the Deans
FITA 25m (inner 10)L. Bennett55111/12/2015Cleve A
FITA 25m (triple face)L. Mason52225/03/2016Deer Park Juniors
Combined FITAS. Crang112809/12/2007Deer Park
StaffordE. Gibson69120/03/2019Deer Park Juniors
Stafford (inner 10)T. Loft53609/11/1996Kingswood Foresters
PortsmouthK. Bent58322/11/1992B of the Deans
Portsmouth (inner 10)M. Braine55821/10/1997Fast & Loose
Portsmouth (triple face)L. Mason58708/03/2015Deer Park Juniors
Double PortsmouthS. Crang114704/02/2007Deer Park
WorcesterS. Crang29810/12/2006Deer Park
Double WorcesterS. Crang59510/12/2006Deer Park
VegasK. Bent57314/02/1993B of the Deans
Vegas (triple face)L. Mason58918/01/2019Deer Park
Short GloucesterS. Crang35920/01/2010Deer Park
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