Gloucestershire Archery Society was formed to support all archery clubs in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol.
HerefordM. Reynolds58602/07/2006Cheltenham
Double HerefordM. Reynolds76819/06/2011Cheltenham
AlbionA. Phelps46120/07/1997B of the Deans
WindsorJ. Hudson42312/05/2001Cheltenham
AmericanM. Reynolds48230/08/2005Cheltenham
Long WesternT. Pillay19001/07/2015Cleve A.
WesternM. Reynolds54725/08/2001Cheltenham
Short Western T. Pillay 452
09/04/2017 Cleve A.
Long NationalS. Palmer16104/07/2014Cleve A.
NationalA. Phelps39306/07/1997B of the Deans
Long WarwickL. Benfield12812/07/2015Deer Park
WarwickT. Pillay
197 20/08/2019 B of the Deans
FITA (Ladies)M. Reynolds45905/06/2011Cheltenham
FITA 720M. Reynolds19204/06/2011Cheltenham
FITA 900T. Pillay42917/05/2015Cleve A.
FITA 70m distanceM. Reynolds12205/06/2011Cheltenham
FITA 60m distanceM. Reynolds8705/06/2011Cheltenham
FITA 50m distanceM. Reynolds8305/06/2011Cheltenham
FITA 30m distanceM. Reynolds16705/06/2011Cheltenham
Long Metric (Ladies)M. Reynolds20905/06/2011Cheltenham
Short MetricM. Reynolds25005/06/2011Cheltenham
Single Clout (140yds)M. Reynolds12814/08/2004Cheltenham
Double Clout (140yds) OWA. Cale11019/07/2015Tyndale A.
Double Clout (140yds) 2WM. Reynolds23414/08/2004Cheltenham
Bray 1A. Powell
15616/03/2018Cleve A.
Double Bray 1L. Benfield26523/03/2014Deer Park
Bray 2F. Hawker14328/03/2014Cleve A.
Double Bray 2A. Powell271
10/11/2017 Cleve A.
FITA 18mV. Crang35712/02/2006Deer Park
FITA 25mA. Powell261
23/02/2018Cleve A.
PortsmouthM. Reynolds45606/02/1998Cheltenham
Double PortsmouthV. Crang72704/02/2007Deer Park
VegasT. Pillay17205/12/2014Cleve A.
WorcesterM. Reynolds17422/11/1998Cheltenham
Double WorcesterM. Reynolds34322/11/1998Cheltenham
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