Gloucestershire Archery Society was formed to support all archery clubs in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol.

Ladies Recurve Records

YorkB. Parsons88517/08/1997B of Minchinhampton
HerefordC. Lyne117205/06/2011B of the Deans
Double HerefordS. Makins223808/10/2000B of Minchinhampton
St GeorgeP. Fletcher63819/07/1981Cheltenham
AlbionC. Harris86630/07/1979Cleve
WindsorS. Ashton83029/07/1990Kingswood Foresters
Short WindsorS. Crang76822/04/2001Deer Park
New WesternP. Fletcher46408/06/1973Cheltenham
Long WesternK. Blanch74428/06/2014B of Minchinhampton
WesternM. Peters76615/09/2018Deer Park Juniors
Short WesternM. Peters75409/09/2017Deer Park Juniors
AmericanJ. Bowser73010/05/2008Cheltenham
Double AmericanC. Sidebottom138015/06/1981Cheltenham
New NationalB. Parsons45007/05/1993B of Minchinhampton
Long NationalK. Blanch57827/07/2013B of Minchinhampton
NationalK. Blanch62230/08/2014B of Minchinhampton
Short NationalK. York52926/08/2019Deer Park A.
New WarwickG. Mead30302/07/1998Churn Valley
Long WarwickG. Mead36003/10/1997Churn Valley
WarwickA. Measures40604/08/2004Cheltenham
Short WarwickR. Austin35405/09/2015Cleve A.
FITAG. Mead101417/05/1998Churn Valley
Ladies FITAC. Brimfield123524/07/2004Cleve
Double Ladies FITAC. Brimfield245625/07/2004Cleve
Ladies Half FITAK. Blanch61129/07/2013B of Minchinhampton
FITA 900L. Hicks76111/06/2006Cleve Juniors
FITA Standard RoundM. Dawes59004/05/2014Cleve
FITA 720S. Makins61409/06/1999B of Minchinhampton
Double FITA 720E. Bryant111110/07/2016Cheltenham
FITA 720 (60m)C. Lunt54426/08/2019Deer Park A.
FITA 70m distanceC. Brimfield30718/07/2004Cleve
FITA 60m distanceC. Brimfield31924/07/2004Cleve
FITA 50m distanceC. Brimfield30318/07/2004Cleve
FITA 30m distanceC. Brimfield33505/06/2004Cleve
FITA 18 arrow passC. Brimfield15506/06/2004Cleve
FITA 12 arrow passC. Brimfield9817/07/2004Cleve
Long MetricB. Parsons62016/07/1991B of Minchinhampton
Long Metric (Ladies)B. Parsons55831/05/1993B of Minchinhampton
Short MetricB. Parsons59931/05/1993B of Minchinhampton
Single Clout (140yds) OWC.Lyne12917/10/2015B of the Deans
Single Clout Metric 125m OWM. Dawes16211/10/2014Cleve A.
Double Clout (140yds) OWC. Lyne24517/10/2015B of the Deans
Double Clout (140yds)C. Lyne26115/10/2011B of the Deans
Double Clout Metric 125m OWM. Dawes32211/10/2014Cleve A.
Bray 1K. Blanch27623/02/2016B of Minchinhampton
Double Bray 1M. Peters55125/02/2018Deer Park Juniors
Bray 2M. Jaroslawska26728/03/2014Cleve A.
Double Bray 2C. Clarke49410/11/2017Cleve A.
FITA 18mS. Makins55008/02/1998B of Minchinhampton
FITA 18m triple faceM. Peters53411/11/2018Deer Park Juniors
Double FITA 18mL. Hicks100011/02/2007Cleve Juniors
FITA 25mA. Phelps54323/01/1994B of the Deans
FITA 25m triple faceA. Perkins50417/01/2016Cleve Juniors
Combined FITAJ. Bowser102926/10/2008Cheltenham
Combined FITA triple faceA. Perkins97817/01/2016Cleve Juniors
PortsmouthM. Peters58004/11/2018Deer Park Juniors
Double PortsmouthM. Peters114425/11/2018Deer Park Juniors
StaffordA. Johnson65130/11/2003Deer Park
WorcesterB. Parsons28317/03/1991B of Minchinhampton
Double WorcesterA. Johnson56014/12/2003Deer Park
VegasA. Phelps53813/02/1994B of the Deans
Short GloucesterB. Parsons34612/12/1989B of Minchinhampton
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