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Safeguarding Courses

Do you work or volunteer in sport and want to better understand your role and responsibilities in protecting the children and young people you come into contact with?

Keeping people safe is important. All organisations need to do safeguarding well. Everyone needs to be involved. These resources will help you make plans and carry them out.

Coach safeguarding training

It’s mandatory for Archery GB licensed coaches to complete tutor-led interactive safeguarding training, which can be done either face-to-face or online, as part of their licence. This must be renewed every 3 years to ensure safeguarding skills and knowledge are up to date.

This gives confidence to children, young people, adults at risk, and parents and carers that their coaches can deal with any issues sensitively, appropriately and effectively.

The recommended course is provided either online or in person by UK Coaching.

Online Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop (England and Wales)

Face-to-Face Safeguarding and Protection Children Workshop (England and Wales)

Once you have completed a Safeguarding Course you should upload it to your Archery GB Profile. This can be done by:

  1. Log on here – (or email Activate to if you have never used the platform)
  2. Click on Qualifications (below Profile and Memberships)
  3. Click on + ADD Qualification and + ADD Child Protection Course
  4. Add date achieved and click next
  5. Upload copy of certificate and click + ADD
  6. Your entry will show as 'Pending Approval'. This will change to 'Current' once it has been approved by the Archery GB Safeguarding team.

Alternatively, forward a copy to and they can add the certificate.

More information on Safeguarding Training can be found at

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Gloucestershire Archery Society
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