Gloucestershire Archery Society was formed to support all archery clubs in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol.

County Team Selection

Gloucestershire County is proud to offer a dynamic programme to help support, encourage and build skills for senior archers who are interested in/or actively competing. We:
- host several coaching sessions a year - host a special annual Inter-county Round Robin practice
- publish a monthly e-newsletter - maintain a private, closed group Facebook page
- participate at county team events (Worcestershire-Gloucestershire Friendly in May; GWAS Regional Senior Inter-County in September; National County Team Championships in September; in 2024, we will be hosting our inaugural Indoor Inter-County Team Championships)
- support and help maintain county rankings
- provide information and assistance to archers for records, rankings, classifications, etc
We are dedicated to promoting and encouraging senior archers who are new to the sport and have an interest in improving their skills and who would like to compete in the future. A Development Squad runs in parallel with the County Team and archers are invited to join based on their scores and tournament participation.
County Team selection is by invitation only and based on scores from all-day tournaments where archers have shot their longest distance.
Invitation to the Development Squad is mostly by recruitment by the team manager or recommendations made by clubs and coaches. However, if any county senior is interested in progressing to competitions, please complete the form below:

The Winning County Senior Team competing at this year's Worcestershire-Gloucestershire County Friendly on May 14, 2023:

Compound Recurve
Jeff Grinnell (Cheltenham)
Mark Humphries (Cleve)
Kieran Macey (DPA)
Debbie Teml (Tockington)
Rikki Teml (Tockington)
Sam Armstrong (Cleve)
Declan Ashworth (Cleve)
York Gibson (Cleve)
Karen Macey (DPA)
Ally Miller (Cleve)
Andrew Paterson (Cheltenham)
Riley Spencer-Nice (DPA)
Alec Thomas (Cleve)
Austin Whitmarsh (Cheltenham)
Alex Williams (Uni of Bristol)
Barebow Longbow
Ali Farmer (Tockington)
Francesca Hawker (Cleve)
Illaria Knibb (Cleve)
Emily Summers (DPA - U18)
Luke Yates (Cleve)
Grace Curran (DPA)
Judy Krasker (DPA)
Kevin Macey (DPA)
Graham Peters (DPA)